2021 full new automatic mental reinforcement wire mesh welding machine

Reinforcement wire mesh welding machine application: it is a specializing in the production of welded steel fabric, steel welding nets, steel bar welded mesh, and the welding machine is used in industrial and civil building beam floor, roof, wall, concrete road and bridge deck pavement, airport runway, tunnel lining, box culvert, dock floor, prefabricated components, and other fields.

The domestic and foreign construction industry in some large venues, Bridges, tunnels and other main structures to enhance the steel and concrete structure of the anti-crack and seismic effect.


1.Both the welding electrodes and transformers are equipped with water-cooling system to prolong the service life.

2. Cooling circuit with stainless steel quick plug connector, change the machine convenient and quick; use high temperature water hose, to prevent welding slag hot.

3. The welding adopts synchronous power control and separate-control, welding process is controlled synchronously by electric board, making the welding transformers working simultaneously or separately.

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