Construction wire mesh welding machine production completed

The construction wire mesh welding machine is one of the series of welding mesh machines promoted by our factory . Among them , the automatic construction mesh welding machine is especially popular. The advantage lies in the feeding of warp and weft wire , automatic welding of anti-wire, CNC jump point , weldable building wall use the net , the floor heating network , and so on.

If you purchase the construction mesh welding machine , you must look for the automatic construction mesh welding machine . Jiaoyang promises every user the perfection of the company’s machinery . We advocate respecting the customer’s needs and achieving the goal of pursuing professionalism , continuous innovation and win-win cooperation .Maximize customer value.

At present, the two construction mesh welding machines produced are assembled , the commissioning team conducts equipment debugging in the company’s workshop to ensure that each welding effect is up to standard , and each piece provided to the user is a fine product .Whether it is a domestic customer or a foreign customer, every debugging is in place.

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