Custom service

Whether it’s a simple part or complex component, woven wire cloth is prevalent in numerous industries and even appears in many aspects of everyday life. From flow filters in water taps to precision filter elements in spacecraft, woven wire cloth fulfills a variety of requirements and remains fundamental to the area of application.

we have been a pioneer in the development of woven wire cloth for more than many years. We develop and process woven wire cloth into filters and fabricated components that exceed the highest standards. Whether it’s aerospace and aviation, automotive, electrical engineering, medicine, chemicals, water filtration, machine manufacturing, or plastic processing, customized solutions from five star. we can offer efficient production, reliable function, optimum quality, and distinctive design.


Function in Form

The material, shape, and function of filters and fabricated part is closely interrelated. Five Star conceptualizes, designs, and produces metal woven wire made of steel, stainless steel alloys and special materials such as titanium, Hastelloy, silver, non-ferrous metals, aluminum, phosphor bronze, brass, copper, nickel, or Monel.

We meet our customers’ need for high-end products, acting as an innovating partner by offering a wide selection of proven products alongside specially designed bespoke solutions for new applications and development.

These efforts include new weave types, automation solutions, and conceptualizing the most streamlined production and testing process.

We are constantly pushing technical boundaries in order to produce optimum solutions and deliver innovative products.

A pre-requisite for achieving that innovation is our in-house expertise in manufacturing, finishing, and processing wire mesh. Due to our understanding of the entire manufacturing process, we are able to approach our customer’s wishes with precision and assure maximum quality throughout production and after-sale service.

Whether you want single parts and small production runs with short delivery time, or need a more involved partner for large production runs, you will find tailor-made solutions and attentive, reliable service.

Single source production

Experience and Expertise

we are a global leader in the manufacturing of wire mesh for industry, technology, architecture, and design. Our generations of experience and the expertise of our skilled employees form the foundation of our partnerships with customers.

Metal Woven Mesh

The control of the production process begins with the design and machines we use to manufacture our products and extends to a structured production environment, including clean-room conditions and continuous process control. In-depth knowledge of our production processes guarantees exceptional product quality and allows us to develop specialized weaves to meet specific customer requirements. High production capacities and a large product range held in stock enables us to reliably supply our customers.

Planning and Feasibility Studies

Meticulous process planning and technical feasibility studies, per our Advanced Product Quality Planning (APQP) methods, lead to quality assurance and precise matching of all processes to given requirements.

Tailored Design

Our engineers, technicians, and product designers implement the ideas and wishes of our customers using modern, three-dimensional CAD systems. Our customer’s requests are analyzed and implemented, from conception to completion. This process can involve the construction of any tooling, equipment, or special machines, and include associated production and packing lines.

Systematic Quality

Step-by-step quality assurance, from incoming wire to finished product, in-house procedures as well as standard and certified test analyses are available. Our quality management system is certified to ISO 9001. Haver & Boecker’s quality management system is also certified to ISO TS 16949 for the automotive sector.