Farming net welding machine

1. Advanced computer and "welding expert" program

Use the advanced microcomputer precision adjustment mode to set the relevant parameters in the welding process separately, and you can choose to discharge multiple times during the welding process

Control welding, single/multi-pulse or slow-up discharge to reduce the impact of excessive welding current on the solder joints and reduce welding sparks

And the impact of splashing is reduced to a minimum.

2. Digital display and memory

Welding parameters are adjusted and adjusted with LED tube to display data and status, and stored in E digitally. The data in EPROM memory will not deviate and will be stored permanently.

3. Two-stage pneumatic operating system

Welding is pressurized with high and low pressures to prevent the welding head from suddenly falling down and crushing the workpiece. Then, higher pressure is applied for welding. This device allows the welding head to operate at a low pressure and lowers faster to increase efficiency. Minimize the impact on work.

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