High quailty straightening and cutting machine

This machine is mainly composed of feeding port, aligning drum, traction feeding mechanism, hydraulic cutting mechanism frame, bearing frame, motor drive mechanism and electrical control box.

1.The aligning drum is driven by the motor through the triangular belt. There are five aligning molds in the aligning drum. According to different line diameters, the aligning drum is adjusted to a certain curve amplitude (the wire out of the amplitude is too small for the crescent curve, and the wire out of the amplitude is too large for the wavy line).

2.Traction feeding device by the servo motor through the synchronous belt transmission to the reducer gear, then synchronization to the traction wheel, to choose the appropriate slot according to different wire diameter, the traction wheel clamping wire feed forward, and can realize speed regulation and the gauge length, reaches the set length after stop drive, hydraulic cutting start again after the second root feeding.

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