High speed Anti-climb security fence  mesh welding machine

It's compact in structure,easily to operate and with fully functions,grealy improving the production officiency.Fence mesh is widely used in our daily's beautiful and practical.


1.Both line and cross wires are fed from pre-cut wires.Line wires are sent by labor and fed automatically while cross wires are added and fallen automatically from the hopper,it adopts servo motor to pull the mesh repeatedly.when it is welding and drawing,servo motor to pull the mesh repeatedly.when it is welding and drawing,labors could prepare the wires for next, so it has increased the production efficiently

2.The add hopper storage the cross and after the cross is drilled by the hopper throwing wire wheel,the crawl wire will send the cross to the middle of the two line.

3.Line wears silk tube is divided into upper and lower two layers.Push wire device align the double line and send it to the lower electrode of the welding host for prepartion for welding.The wears silk tube device is scalable according to the length of the longitudinal line.

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