High speed mental rebar construction panel wire mesh making machine

Mesh welding line is a production line specially designed for the wire consisting of spool and cross wire composed of pre-straightening and cutting rods.

Features of construction mesh welding machine

1. The main frame is made of thick steel plate and steel bar welded.The main structure is more compact.

2. The cross wire feed hopper is original.Cross wire automatic feeding, stepper motor drive, so that the cross wire alignment more accurate.

3. Stepping motor control is adopted in the drawing system, which makes the aperture of the drawing network more standard and accurate.

4. Various sizes of welding mesh.The line spacing can be adjusted by the relevant components.The readjustment of reticle spacing is controlled by microcomputer, which can realize the precise readjustment of reticle spacing.

Application of construction welding mesh machine

Whether used for concrete reinforcement or for other applications in walls, floors, roofs and buildings.

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