High speed steel building construction wire mesh welding machine equipment

Construction wire mesh welding machine is a mechatronics welding mesh equipment, the advantage is that the diameter wire is adjustable, the aperture of the cross mesh input computer can reach the hole distance you reach.


1.Both line wire and cross wire are pre-cut,make sure the mesh panel evenness.

2.Adopt new type water cooling transformer,compared with traditional transformer,extend the working life.

3.Welding pressure from springs,compared with pneumatic system, it saves production and maintain cost.

4.Each transformer is controlled by micro controller,more smart for setting welding time and welding current.

Packaging Details
steel construction wire mesh welding machine
1) The spare parts and control cabinet will be loaded in wooden box.
2) The main machine is plastic bags packing.
3) Special packing is available as customer's request.

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