Hot sale fence mesh welding machine

1 Dropping method: The weft is blanked by a rotary table, the blanking position is accurate, and the weft drop detection device can detect whether the weft has fallen in place, and the machine will automatically stop if there is a drop.

2 Wire feeding method: The coiling method is adopted to ensure the continuous production of the welding machine, and the output is high and labor is saved.

3 Net-drawing method: The servo motor is used to draw the net back and forth, and the hooks tighten the weft to ensure the precise position of the net.

4 Net cutting method: adopts high-precision shearing machine, which is closely integrated with the overall operation of the welded mesh machine to ensure the precise cutting of the mesh.

5 yard net method: adopts automatic blanking device, the net pieces are stacked neatly, which is convenient for transportation and reduces manpower.

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