Jiaoyang galvanized metal reinforcement wire mesh welding machine

Reinforcement wire mesh welding machine

The wire diameter range can be 3-8mm or 5-12mm, 8-14mm, and the mesh with width of 2.5m, 2.9m, 3.3m or 3.7m can be welded。The application of reinforcement mesh in the fields of beam column floor, roof, wall, concrete pavement, bridge deck pavement, airport runway, tunnel lining, box culvert, wharf floor, prefabricated components and other fields of industrial and civil buildings

The reinforcement mesh welding machine adopts power electronic synchronous control technology, the control system adopts PLC, the operation interface adopts touch screen and button control, the working mode is simple, and the operation is more intelligent and humanized

The main machine of automatic reinforcement mesh welding machine is frame structure, which makes the theme structure more firm and compact, stable performance, continuously adjustable welding pressure, firm and artistic welding spot.

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