Fence welded wire mesh machine features introduced

The welding current is controlled by microcomputer. The welding current and time of each welding transformer can be adjusted independently. The color touch screen and control button are used in the machine interface, which is convenient and easy to operate.
The new fence mesh welder host frame structure, stable performance, continuous adjustment of welding pressure, solid solder joints, beautiful. Power for the integrated deceleration electromagnetic brake motor, the use of inverter control, adjustable speed, upper and lower electrode modular design, easy and quick adjustment of the screen, horizontal wire hopper for the stepper motor drive disc device takes the wire, electric magnetic add device From the silos automatically horizontal wire into the disc-type device preparation area, horizontal silk hopper mounted on the movable pull grid, easy to adjust and maintain, pulling part of the servo motor drive can be set in the same mesh a variety of horizontal Wire spacing, continuous pull back and forth, to achieve longer mesh size, the use of pneumatic clamping device, so that horizontal wire spacing is accurate, vertical wire feed part of the stepper motor-driven wire car, the mesh welding at the same time, place the next Vertical wire mesh, the machine interval is very short.

Advantages of the machine: Fence welding time and sub-control welding time by the PLC digital programming system, the input panel for the touch screen or keyboard two, more intelligent operation, rationalization. Hurdle mesh welding machine once compact, sub-welding, the biggest advantage of this control is: You can appear in the same mesh between the warp and weft more than 30 different sizes of mesh. Welding a new type of efficient water-cooled welding transformers, expanding the scope of welding wire diameter. Easy to operate, high flexibility, the output is several times the manual single-point welder.


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