Simple full automatic poultry cage wire mesh welding machine

Poultry cage mesh welding machine

Poultry cages production line consists of multiple equipment ,continuous production of mesh ,simple operation saving time and effort.Poultry mesh machine is used to manufacture animal cage mesh .

The poultry cage mesh machine has reasonable mechanical structure, simple operation, reliable performance, the welded Mesh piece is flat, the Mesh Hole is uniform, accurate, no burn marks, diagonal error is small, the weft and diameter wires are all coil wires, the diameter wires are automatically straightened, the weft thread is automatically adjusted. The precise positioning device ensures that the mesh does not need to be trimmed and the edges are neat.

Line wires are coil wire,Cross wires are cutting and straightening wire,it can weld continous wire mesh sheets and wire mesh rolls.There are two kinds:mechnical hauling wire mesh machine and CNC hauling wire mesh machine.Functional structures of CNC hauling wire mesh machine: line wire straightening and locator device,line wire store hopper,CNC hauling wire device.

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