India Fence Expo 2019

Hebei Jiaoyang Wire Mesh Machine Co.,Ltd will attend India Fence Expo 2019 from December 12 to 14.Welcome to visit our booth at B22.See you soon.

India Fence Expo is Asia's 1st dedicated Event for Fence Products, Perimeter Protection Systems and Fence Making Machinery.

Jiaoyang fence mesh welding machine is controlled by the PLC programming control system. The control system is integrated in the main unit. The welding parameters can be adjusted via the touch screen or the operator interface keys. The welding transformer adopts adjustable multi-stage transformer to expand the wire diameter range, expand the scope of use of the machine, and is equipped with circulating water cooling device. The welding machine can be continuously welded to reduce the occurrence of faults.

The fence making machinery is welded by standard steel plate and steel plate. The main structure is reasonable and the machine is sturdy and durable. The wire drawing system is controlled by servo motor, automatic pull ring, pull net and even mesh. Welding is based on the principle of resistance welding and mechanical pressure. It has the characteristics of main pressure, sub-welding and instantaneous welding.

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